Welcome to KU!

If you are at Keswick Convention Week 3 and interested in the arts, KU is putting on some events which you might enjoy in particular.
Paper programmes are available from More Tea Vicar (at St John’s Church), and can also be found in the Week 3 pages of the Handbook.

Get in touch:

Please note: These communication lines go largely unmonitored during non-Convention times; If you want to get in touch outside of the Convention, please contact us via the main Keswick Ministries website.

Email: keswick.unconventional@gmail.com 
Twitter: @KUnconventional
There is also a KU Facebook Group; you can get programme updates from there.

Programme Changes:

The following changes have been made since the Convention Handbook went to print:
KU Seminar, Friday morning: Monique Sliedrecht unfortunately cannot now be with us; this session will be lead by Jez, on the same topic (Celebrating the Unnecessary).